Founded On Three Basic Principles:

1. All human life is sacred, beautiful and deserving of protection from natural conception until natural death. No exceptions & no compromise.

2. Our coffees must be ethically sourced, sustainable and of superior quality and taste.

3. When you purchase through a registered Pro-Life Affiliate, a full 6% of your purchase price will be donated directly to them via their account! *** 



When we started Lifeboat Coffee, we conducted extensive taste tests and worked with long time friends at Arizona Coffee Roasters to ethicaly source our orignial roasts and for our green beans from sustainable small farms. Today, many years later, we feature several Fair Trade, Direct Trade, Rainforest Certified, USDA Organic Coffees.  We have exclusive access to a Direct Trade Wild-Grown Papua New Guinea Peaberry coffee as well as a Direct Trade Nicaraguan beans, too, supporting the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea and a Christian Mission in Nicaragua.  13 single origins later we feature nearly 20 different coffees, including amazing blends, for you to love!


Starting with only premium grade A beans, the Skipper roasts six-days per week to ensure Ultra-Premium coffees are roasted fresh for delivery to you and here at Store No1 in Phoenix. We are proud to have two gorgeous old-world style, natural gas-fired, machines which we use to artisan roast the old-fashioned way -- we use no computers to run the machines! 


Our founder and President, John Lillis, (known affectionately as: The Skipper), is married and he and his wife have been blessed with seven children. It was the story that may not have been...

The Skipper is, in fact, a proto-survivor of America’s abortion holocaust.  At the tender age of just 16, his mother was the victim of rape and through her own bravery and support of her family, she gave birth to him on August 30th, 1967, some five and a half months after the California legislature passed the Therapeutic Abortion Act! Though abandoned in a San Francisco hospital for three months, he eventually was put into a foster home in San Francisco and one year later adopted by his foster parents! 

This is personal.

Early in 2012, while working as a radio station manager in Sioux City, John worked with the local pro-life center to build and host America’s first-ever front-line pro-life radio show! John led the construction team and together, they built a  studio with a large picture window looking directly at the front door of Planned Parenthood of Sioux City - some 25-feet away from their front door! The studio was built for the purpose of bringing tens of thousands of people together via radio to pray that the arriving women might change their minds and save their babies and that the doctors might stop killing and that the “mill” would be closed!  While remodeling the pro-life center around the radio studio, he thought to himself: “Almost everyone loves coffee, why not marry my love for life with my near obsession for great coffee and see if we can’t create something to help sustain this place!” And that’s how the Lifeboat Coffee Co. idea was born. 

     ***UPDATE JUNE 2017: That Planned Parenthood is permantely closed!***


In August of 2013, the Lillis family formed Lifeboat Coffee and launched on the Internet here at - within two years, we were literally shipping tons of coffee, around the world. With customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, England, Australia, Canada and 49 States, Lifeboat Coffee has seen significant growth!


In July of 2016, with the help of many new Lifeboat Supporters, we began to build America's first exclusively pro-life coffee shop! Starting with only four walls and one sink and a toilet, Lifeboat got approval for fully permitted construction at the end of August 2016. Within four months, there was new 4" underground plumbing mains, a floor sink and seven additional sinks; an oversized ADA approved bathroom, granite counters, sinks and all the equipment needed to open a world class coffee shop featuring espresso, iced coffees and teas, chai, Italian sodas and much more. Yes, there is free wi-fi here, too.

Not coincidentally, our opening day was January 22nd, 2017.

Please come visit us -- Come for the Coffee and Stay for Life here at 7th St. & Dunlap, Phx!

***Pro-Life Cash Back Rewards are based on the purchase price paid by customer, less the cost of shipping and handling, when shipping charges are applied for orders over ten pounds. Otherwise, it is the full 6%, every time, managed through automation, so it's easy!

Also check out our sister charity, Bruce Nixon Life Charities, where we work with them with non-affiliate proceeds from Lifeboat Coffee!