'Round the World Tour

$ 59

Why not take a trip around the World with our Exclusive 12-Pak Sampler featuring coffees from Africa, Central America, South America and the South Pacific, too! This great sampler of twelve 6oz bags for your family also makes a great gift!  All hand-aritisan-roasted in our Phoenix roastery and packaged fresh for every order.

Features nine Whole Bean medium roast coffees and three amazing dark coffees, too! Comes with: 

Colombian Supremo - Medium & Dark ° Honduran Princessa - Medium ° Ethiopian - Full-CIty ° Guatemalan - Medium ° Nicaraguan - Medium ° Seattle Blend - Very Dark ° Sumatran - Medium ° Cartagena Blend - Dark ° San Francisco Blend - Aromatic Dark ° Papua New Guinea - Medium ° El Salvadorian - Medium


***If out of stock on one or more beans, we will substitute.***

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