An American family business guided by a love for people and the common good.

Founded On Three Basic Principles:

1. The Free Constitutional Republic of the United States is the last great hope on earth, because: The Government is erected to safeguard our God Given Rights - NOT issue them; among these are the fundamental Right to Life, from conception to natural death; the fundamental Rights to Religion, Free Speech & Assembly; and, most importantly, the Right to bear arms for those times where the government tries to squash our rights or foist evil upon us as a Free People.

2. Our company was founded not out of greed or disregard for the little guy; but rather, out of the absolute belief that our coffee company be built for not only the common good, but for the specific good of the least among us, including our most vulnerable citizens and the families and farmers who produce the coffees.

3. When you purchase Lifeboat Coffee, you can enjoy world class coffees, artisan roasted by hand -- NOT COMPUTER - and packaged and distributed by our family and not some foreign drop-shipper.  Moreover, if you purchase through a registered Affiliate, a full 6% of your purchase price will be donated directly to them via their account! *  Affiliates can include crisis pregnancy centers, elder care, disabled veterans, churches and any organization that works to help safeguard human health and digity!


Our founder and President, John Lillis, (known affectionately as: The Skipper), is married and he and his wife have been blessed with seven children. The Skipper served honorably in the United States Coast Guard and then went to University where he degreed in Broadcast Arts, was graduated and spent 20 years as a broadcast engineer, writer, editor producer and talk-show host everywhere from FOX News in Phoenix to small non-commercial radio stations throught the country.  Ten years ago, the Skipper decided to take a chance and go out on his own doing something completely different and converted his passion for creating media content into creating delicious coffees with the same passion and enthusiam that had propelled him through two decades of his professional career.

Today, Lifeboat roasts coffees from fourteen countries and creates about twenty-five coffees in all; something to surely please everyone's tastes!